The Dream Lifestyle System – The Best Way to Market the System?

Wondering what the best way of marketing The Dream Lifestyle System Is?

The Dream Lifestyle System is a powerful direct marketing system for many reasons but the most obvious is for the type of income it generates. It is so powerful that many people have earned more than one thousand dollars in their first week.

To achieve any level of success in a direct marketing/direct sales program, marketing is key. Although The DLS comes with a “Push Button Marketing System” I believe it is always better to do your own marketing so you have more control over the effectiveness of the campaign.

My 2 favorite marketing methods to use with the Dream Lifestyle System is:

1. Postcard Marketing – I don’t use the postcards in the back office of the system. Our team uses a custom made postcard that converts between 1 to 1 ½ percent when mailed to a targeted list of “buyers” the total cost of mailing 1,000 postcards is approx $500.

2. Voice Broadcasting – I really like voice broadcasting because it is a way to create leads and sales at the push of a button. With this method it takes a few test runs to get your system tweeked to perfection, but when you do there is no faster way to generate leads and sales. The system I use and highly recommend is called “Phone Broadcast Club”

The internet marketing community is buzzing about this system and people are joining every day creating success for people that have never made a dime online. The combination of postcard marketing, voice broadcasting and the high converting dream lifestyle system capture page creates a real push button system for anyone looking to explode their income.

The Dream Lifestyle System is a smart business opportunity for anyone wishing to start working at home. It cost next to nothing to get started, you get a proven system like you would if you bought a franchise opportunity, and you can be in profit in days rather than months.

If you desire more income while still working a 9 to 5 job, or to build your retirement income, then you should seriously consider The Dream Lifestyle System.

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The Earning Power Of Video Marketing For The Internet Marketer

There’s just no denying Video Marketing Statistics:

YouTube gets more than two billion views a day. More than 24 hours of video is uploaded per minute. The average person will spend at least 15 minutes a day looking at videos online.

Want more stats?

Borrell and Associates released, in the past 5 years, video marketing on the internet, should take a third of the advertising expenditures of all businesses. And, in 2010, over $2 billion was spent by U.S. companies alone on video advertising. And this year, it is projected to go up as much as 40%, which translates into a 10,000% increase from just ten years ago.

Is it any wonder why online entrepreneurs are going crazy over video marketing strategies?

Video marketing internet videos can provide websites and businesses with an instant benefit: improved visibility! Search engines often list videos in their result pages. Also, some users search specifically for videos, not text.

Your website might have a tough time getting ranked for certain keywords or keyword phrases, but the addition of a web video will greatly improve your websites visibility and ranking. There are many other ways to utilize video marketing.

Besides videos on your website, there’s also video blogging, video email and video email broadcasts, video on social media, videos on YouTube and video training. When used strategically, these can all bring to your website the one thing every business needs to survive….traffic!

And not just any traffic, but targeted traffic. Free targeted traffic !!! And who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t need that?

At the rate the popularity of online videos is going, it’s not an option, really, for any business or entrepreneur, not to have video marketing as part of its advertising strategy. More people are using the internet today to search for products and services.

The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. Do you know of anyone who still uses them to look for products or services?

Videos engage the buyer more then any other medium can. Your own unique video has the potential to go viral and make you an overnight success. Videos has been proven to get viewers to take action and become buyers. Using videos to market has the potential to get you massive, free, targeted traffic to your website or business.

This is what Advertising Age said… “video marketing is the fastest growing area on the web. There is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness of this medium. If you’re promoting your business (or website) using video, you need to start now… or you’ll be left behind by the competition.”

Over 60% of marketing today is done through videos. If you’re not using a video marketing strategy, your business and webpage will suffer as your competitor gets the people who search online for a service or product.

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The Benefits of Working at Home Employment

The benefits to employment from home are numerous and exciting to consider. Regardless of whether you are working for yourself or someone else. Being able to do your job from the comforts of your own home can have a lot of benefits.One of the most important factors to consider is freedom and flexibility to schedule when you work. Staying home allows you to have more control over where and when you do your work. If you have more time in the mornings, you can start your day early. Or, if you would prefer to start your day slowly and sleep in, you can have the luxury of hitting the snooze button (multiple times!). And, you can do all of this without the hassle of daily rush hour traffic, gas prices, and office politics.A second benefit is that staying home allows you to focus exclusively on your work with less distraction. This can lead to more success, if you do better working alone. Think of how much more efficient you could be without a boss or coworker coming by all day? Your focus can be entirely on your work, which allows you to complete your tasks in a timely manner – leaving more time to do what you enjoy!Finally, staying home saves you both money and time. Imagine how much fuller your wallet will be without having to pay the high gas prices to fund your commute every day! You can save that money and spend it on something that you really wants. And of course, the best part, you won’t spend hours and hours each week stuck in traffic. Imagine what you could do with that extra time!In reality, it can be a bit tricky to get your boss to allow you to work from home, or start a business at home, but the benefits will make it worth the effort. You can start out small and aim for one day a week working from home. Then, as you’re able to prove your efficiency, both you and your company will reap the benefits, and reward you with more time at home. Or consider starting your own business part-time and transition into more time for working at home as your business grows.

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