Clarity And Success

Clarity is one of the aspects of success. You must have clarity of vision in order to succeed. It is defined as sometimes that “Aha” moment. That is when you have had the cognition that what the truth is for your vision. Clarity can not survive a vague reference of vision.If you take the statement “Crystal Clear” which infers that there is no obstruction in one vision, this is what your concept should appear like in your mind’s eye. To be clear is to have an absence of any question in your own mind. You see it completely and conceptually in other words you own it.There are many levels of clarity when it comes to the concept of clarity, that which is of physical nature and that which is of a mental nature and of course that which touches upon the spirit.We are talking about the subjective self. We are not looking at clarity from the prospective of an object. This clarity is not tangible therefore we can not touch it. Hind site is the usual way people actually experience any clarity. Yet the clarity that I am talking about is one of the Observer and that is you. When one is first involved in a new idea, the first impulse is to find a point of reference. If a reference is not found, you will be led by your prior conditioning into confusion. If I said to you “Blassat” you would not have a point of reference. You will simply write it off as gibberish. Now if I define this term as “A Glass That Is Tipping” now you have a picture in other words clarity. Re-read the definition above right now three times.It is so often spoken to have clarity in vision, to be clear as to why you are doing something, or about your goals. Too many people jump off “thinking” that they are clear yet can not perform any task connected to the concept. When that happens, it simply is a lack of clarity. There is something that you do not have a clear picture of. Here is another example of clarity in action. If I say picture a dog, many of you immediately can picture one. It could be any dog. Now if I say a picture a Poodle or a Chihuahua, you get a very specific picture a particular type of dog.When we talk or discuss matters of clarity, especially in personal development, self improvement, goal achieving in anything, this is what we are talking about. It is very specific it has a point of reference and you can picture it in your minds eye with detail. We I am pointing out here is the stuff you have a point of reference for.What happens when there is no point of reference such as in a new subject or activity? This is one of the most common errors made with many people, in that, they want wealth or better relationships yet they have no existing reference for it. They have not experienced it nor have any real idea of how to experience it. In order to overcome this one then has to take an action.Should you not have a point of reference then there is only a few things you need to do. One of the things is to educate yourself, on that discipline or find someone who is already experiencing such a thing. Realize that you can not have an “Aha” moment or conceptual understanding of something that you have never experienced or are familiar with. Let me interject here watching “TV” is not a real experience. That type of experience leaves out most of the details along the way, one of them you might call “Work!” The only TV worth watching is educational TV.So let us test something, watch out for “Blassat” are we clear?Clarity then deals with vision, concept and point of reference. Without these components together, there will obviously be a lack of understanding or a vague representation to you in your marvelous mind. The next time a new concept is being introduce, a new idea, ask yourself the question am I clear about this? I believe this will improve your perception of clarity.

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